Mechanical Transfer Press BENELLI 250 ton

Technical Data

Nominal Power: 2500 KN
Dimension table: 1370 x 1000 mm
Dimension ram: 1350 x 965 mm
Stroke: 200 mm
Stroke par minute: 22-30 variable speed
Adjustable slide: 100 mm
BDC Light table-slide to the bottom dead center: 580 mm
TDC Top dead center: 780 mm
Lateral passage: 330 mm
Motor Power: max 18.5 Kw

Equipped with:

  • safety barriers

Overall press dimension: 1900 x 2000 x 5000 mm

Weight: Kg. 25.000

Machine in excellent working condition Electrical panel completely overhaulded complying with current regulations

Machine as good as new, it has never worked

Our ref: 1053
Ita: Pressa Meccanica BENELLI 250 ton

Technical Data Sheet