Mechanical Press ZANI 300 ton with feeder line

Technical Data

Mod: TRG 300
Year of construction: 1993
Nominal Power: 3000 Kn
Stroke fixed: 96,5 mm
Dimension table: 1500 x 600 mm
Dimension ram: 1500 x 600 mm
Height of the ram from the table: 600 mm
Press speed in automatic mode: 20-60 coups/min

Weight approx: 37.000 Kg

Peripheral press devices:
Lower system with 3 hydraulic adjustable cams for part ejection after embossing
Upper system with 3 hydraulic adjustable cams

Transfer system of the press:
Bars advance stroke: 160 mm
Securities for part presence on the bar: 8 steps

Rewinder data:
Maximum strip stroke: 160 mm
Maximum thickness: 4 mm
Rewinder dimensions: L=1100 W=800 H=1500

Feeder data:
Maximum strip width: 105 mm
Maximum thickness: 4 mm
Feeder dimensions: L=950 W=600 H=1500
Adjustment Height: 150 mm

Decoiler data:
Maximum sustained weight: 600 Kg
Maximum coi width: 500 mm
Maximum oter diameter of coil: 400 mm
Inner diameter of the coil: min 380 max 500
Decoiler dimension: L=1500 W=1200 H=1110

Our ref: 1070
Ita: Pressa Meccanica Zani 300 ton completa di linea alimentazione

Technical Data Sheet